Halls of Montezuma

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  • Lewis Milestone (1950)
  • US
  • 108 min
Halls of Montezuma
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3 out of 5

This big-budget, ferociously patriotic 20th Century-Fox Second World War movie was directed by one of the all-time greats of the genre, Lewis Milestone, who was responsible for the original All Quiet on the Western Front, A Walk in the Sun and Pork Chop Hill. The action here isn't up to the standard of those classics, but the film is extremely enjoyable, thanks largely to an excellent cast - the cream of the Fox crop headed by Richard Widmark, and backed up by Jack Palance (still billed as Walter), a pre-Dragnet Jack Webb and Robert Wagner as the youngster of the outfit. Karl Malden and Richard Boone also bring some style to the expected stereotypes, and the Technicolor photography is quite outstanding. Incidentally, there's no unnecessary Hollywood romance in this one.

Plot Summary

Second World War action drama starring Richard Widmark. With US forces locked in a battle for supremacy against the Japanese in the South Pacific, a tough marine officer leads a patrol on a dangerous mission to capture enemy soldiers for interrogation.

Cast and crew


Lt Anderson
Richard Widmark
Pigeon Lane
Jack Palance
Sgt Johnson
Reginald Gardiner
Robert Wagner
Karl Malden
Cpl Stuart Conroy
Richard Hylton
Lt Col Gilfilan
Richard Boone
Pretty Boy
Skip Homeier
Lt Butterfield
Don Hicks
Correspondent Dickerman
Jack Webb
Bert Freed
Sergeant Zelenko
Neville Brand
Private Whitney
Martin Milner
Philip Ahn
Captain Makino
Howard Chuman
Frank Kumagai
Captain McCreavy
Fred Coby
Captain Seaman
Paul Lees
Jack Lee (1)


Lewis Milestone

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20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
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Certificate U