The Foot Fist Way

  • 15
  • Jody Hill (2006)
  • US
  • 79 min
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2 out of 5

There are some laugh-out-loud moments in this mock documentary from first-time director Jody Hill, but they are few and far between. Danny McBride (Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder) is at least an amusing lead as a small-town tae kwon do teacher, who has to battle back from the double whammy of his wife's infidelity and the discovery that his idol, a martial arts movie superstar, has feet of clay. But, by and large, this low-budget nonsense is too tepid as comedy and too toothless as satire. Will Ferrell "presents" the film, though quite why is something of a puzzle. Perhaps if he'd contributed a cameo role as well it would have boosted the star wattage of this rather patchy effort.

Plot Summary

Martial arts comedy starring Danny McBride. Delusional egomaniac Fred Simmons runs his tae kwon do school like a military academy - but doesn't live by the rules he teaches. When his wife admits to an infidelity, Fred's world falls apart, and it seems that only his martial arts movie-star hero Chuck "The Truck" Wallace can release him from his torment.

Cast and crew


Fred Simmons
Danny McBride (2)
Chuck "The Truck" Wallace
Ben Best
Suzie Simmons
Mary Jane Bostic
Julio Chavez
Spencer Moreno
Henry Harrison
Carlos Lopez (3)
Mike McAlister
Jody Hill


Jody Hill

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Theatrical distributor: 
Momentum Pictures
Available on DVD
Released 26 Sep 2008
Certificate 15