• 18
  • Paul Anderson (1) (1998)
  • US
  • 94 min
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1 out of 5

Shane goes to outer space in this depressingly unoriginal slice of science fiction from Event Horizon director Paul Anderson. A near monosyllabic Kurt Russell plays the brainwashed army killing machine dumped on a garbage planet when a newer DNA manipulated model is developed. There he finds a forgotten outpost of stranded humans who adopt him as their warrior saviour when Jason Scott Lee's genetically enhanced battalion arrives for practice manoeuvres. There's hardly an original bone in its body, despite the screenplay from Blade Runner's) David Webb Peoples, and Anderson trots out familiar clich├ęs against a tired postapocalyptic backdrop. It's a by-the-numbers empty spectacle with zero emotional engagement, lots of mindless slam-bang action and heaps of unintentional laughs.

Plot Summary

A veteran elite soldier who has only ever known a life of war is left for dead by his superiors on a desolate planet. Rescued by the inhabitants, he gets his first taste of a normal life, which he feels compelled to defend when his new home is invaded by an army of his genetically engineered replacements. Sci-fi action thriller, starring Kurt Russell, Jason Scott Lee, Jason Isaacs, Connie Nielsen and Sean Pertwee.

Cast and crew


Kurt Russell
Caine 607
Jason Scott Lee
Connie Nielsen
Captain Church
Gary Busey
Jimmy Pig
Michael Chiklis
Colonel Mekum
Jason Isaacs
Sean Pertwee


Paul Anderson (1)

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Warner Brothers
Edited for some of its violence, and contains swearing.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate 18