Hangman's Knot

Hangman's Knot

Roy Huggins (1952)

PG Certificate


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This tense western drama set at the end of the American Civil War was the sole directing credit for Roy Huggins, the creator of such television series as The Fugitive and Maverick, and it deserves reappraisal. Randolph Scott heads a memorable cast, playing the commanding officer of a group of Confederate soldiers who are unaware that the war has been over for a month when they steal a Union gold shipment. Regarded as common criminals, they take refuge in a stagecoach station, where the claustrophobic action erupts.


Confederate soldiers wipe out a group of Union troops carrying a shipment of gold, but later learn the Civil War ended the month before, rendering their attack a criminal act. The soldiers go on the run with the loot, but their worries deepen when they are besieged by bandits. Western, starring Randolph Scott, Donna Reed, Lee Marvin and Richard Denning.

Cast & Crew

Matt Stewart Randolph Scott
Molly Hull Donna Reed
Jamie Groves Claude Jarman Jr
Cass Browne Frank Faylen
Capt Peterson Glenn Langan
Lee Kemper Richard Denning
Ralph Bainter Lee Marvin
Mrs Harris Jeanette Nolan
Plunkett Clem Bevans
Director Roy Huggins
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