Bridge to the Sun

Bridge to the Sun

Etienne Périer (1961)

U Certificate


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In a major change of pace from her infamous role as Baby Doll, Carroll Baker stars as an American girl who marries a Japanese diplomat (James Shigeta) and accompanies him to Japan in time for Pearl Harbor. Needless to say, the couple endure social, cultural and emotional difficulties as well as wartime hardships, and suffer a tragedy at the war's end. Based on an autobiography by Gwen Terasaki, the subject itself is fascinating and unusual, and the locations are visually interesting, but the film still remains surprisingly dull and uninvolving.


An American woman marries a Japanese diplomat, who tries unsuccessfully to negotiate a peaceful settlement with the US during the Second World War. After the attack on Pearl Harbour, they are both deported to Japan, where she finds many people regard her as the enemy. Fact-based drama, starring Carroll Baker and James Shigeta.

Cast & Crew

Gwen Terasaki Carroll Baker
Hidenari Terasaki James Shigeta
Hara James Yagi
Jiro Tetsuro Tamba
Fred Tyson Sean Garrison
Aunt Peggy Ruth Masters
Mako Terasaki Nori Elisabeth Hermann
Ishi Hiroshi Tomono
Director Etienne Périer
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white