Little Manhattan

Little Manhattan

Mark Levin (2005)

PG Certificate


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This charming New York-set romance feels like an adaptation of the diary Woody Allen might have kept as a pre-pubescent. Josh Hutcherson (Zathura) plays Gabe, an angst-ridden 11-year-old who, quite literally, falls head over heels for Rosemary (Charlie Ray) at karate class. Over the course of one languorous New York summer, he struggles to negotiate the protocols of dating and win her heart. Writer Jennifer Flackett allows access to Gabe's innermost thoughts with an amusingly precocious voiceover where he muses that love is "a terrible, ugly business". Hutcherson delivers the lines with total conviction in a film that never patronises its young subject or his emotions. Director Mark Levin lets the pace dip in the middle and occasionally aims for a laugh when he should be angling for pathos (Gabe's big crying scene, for example), but this tale of puppy love still stands head and shoulders above most romantic comedies aimed at grown-ups.


An 11-year-old New York boy encounters a girl at his karate class and falls in love. As the determined youngster does all he can to win her over, he comes to realise that affairs of the heart are seldom straightforward - particularly as his parents begin divorce proceedings. Romantic drama, starring Josh Hutcherson and Charlie Ray.

Cast & Crew

Gabe Josh Hutcherson
Rosemary Charlie Ray
Adam Bradley Whitford
Leslie Cynthia Nixon
Ralph Willie Garson
Birdie Tonye Patano
Master Coles J Kyle Manzay
Ronny Josh Pais
Mickey Telesco John Dossett
Jackie Telesco Talia Balsam
Director Mark Levin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century FoxGuidance: Some violence and swearing.Released on: 7 Jul 2006