One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

Michael Powell (1942)

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This is an exciting enough Second World War adventure, as the crew members of a Wellington bomber attempt to evade Nazi patrols and reach home after their plane is shot down over the Netherlands. Directors Michael Powell (who also has a cameo role) and Emeric Pressburger are more successful at re-creating the bomber raid and the spectacular crash than they are at capturing an authentic Dutch atmosphere. It's a classic example of the way in which fictional stories were given a documentary style in order to increase their propaganda impact, and Powell and Pressburger's script received an Oscar nomination. There are sterling supporting turns from Peter Ustinov and Hay Petrie, but the film looks and sounds rather dated now.


An RAF bomber is shot down during a raid on Stuttgart, forcing its crewmen to bail out over Nazi-occupied Holland. Trying to evade capture, they are assisted by a group of Dutch resistance fighters, who help them make it safely to the North Sea coast. Powell and Pressburger's Second World War drama, starring Godfrey Tearle, Eric Portman and Hugh Williams.

Cast & Crew

Sir George Corbett Godfrey Tearle
Tom Earnshaw Eric Portman
Frank Shelley Hugh Williams
Geoff Hickman Bernard Miles
John Glyn Haggard Hugh Burden
Bob Ashley Emrys Jones
Els Meertens Pamela Brown
Jet van Dieren Joyce Redman
Jo de Vries Googie Withers
Burgomaster Hay Petrie
Burgomaster's wife Selma Vaz Diaz
Pieter Sluys Arnold Marlé
De Jong Robert Helpmann
Director Michael Powell
Director Emeric Pressburger
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD