Lies and Deception

  • Louis Bélanger (2005)
  • Can / US
  • 85 min
Lies and Deception
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1 out of 5

Medical intrigue is lost in a sea of blandness in this flimsy mystery thriller. Kept afloat solely by the visual appeal and adequate chemistry of the two leads, the suspense-free clunker sees Chicago widow Mädchen Amick employ the services of hunky private eye Andrew Walker when she discovers her doctor husband faked his own death five years earlier. Poor direction and an underdeveloped script ensure that their subsequent investigation is light on both action and explanation, leaving it to the pair's ludicrous though predictable romance to provide much-needed padding. The pace quickens in the closing act, with a burst of activity to accompany the inevitable revelation of the truth, but this last-ditch effort is pointless after such a lacklustre build-up.

Plot Summary

Mystery thriller starring Mädchen Amick. A woman still struggling to cope with the death of her husband years earlier is visited by a police officer who informs her that her spouse has only recently been found dead.

Cast and crew


Jean Brooks
Mädchen Amick
Eddie Fate
Andrew W Walker
Charlotte Porter
Ellen Dubin
Chris Schwartzman
Joseph Kell
Oscar Ortuso
Tony Calabretta


Louis Bélanger

Other Information

Edited for violence, nudity and a sex scene.