The Magnificent Seven Ride!

The Magnificent Seven Ride!

George McCowan (1972)

A Certificate


Our Score
Well, not really. This is the fourth and last outing for the famous title (until the original was remade in 2016), and, as in the previous sequel, no members of the original cast are to be found. Still, Lee Van Cleef makes a perfectly acceptable substitute for Yul Brynner and the theme remains true to the original's concept. Here the bandits kidnap Van Cleef's wife and the seven are rounded up to seek vengeance. Mariette Hartley and Stefanie Powers provide stronger-than-usual support, but the real star is still Elmer Bernstein's pulsating score.


The one-time leader of the gunslinging band, now a marshal, turns down an old ally's call for help in dealing with a gang of Mexican bandits. However, when the desperados kill his friend and his own wife, the lawman puts together a new team and sets out to take revenge. Western sequel, with Lee Van Cleef, Stefanie Powers, Mariette Hartley and Michael Callan.

Cast & Crew

Chris Lee Van Cleef
Laurie Gunn Stefanie Powers
Arilla Mariette Hartley
Noah Forbes Michael Callan
Skinner Luke Askew
Pepe Carral Pedro Armendáriz Jr
Jim Mackay Ralph Waite
Walt Drummond William Lucking
Hayes James B Sikking
Madge Buchanan Melissa Murphy
Shelly Donavan Darrell Larson
Scott Elliott Ed Lauter
Martha Carolyn Conwell
Juan de Toro Rodolfo Acosta
Producer William A Calihan
Director George McCowan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language and violence. Available on: video and DVD