Mind over Murder

  • Christopher Leitch (2006)
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  • 90 min
Mind over Murder
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2 out of 5

A miscast Tori Spelling helps turn a made-for-TV thriller into a farce, playing an assistant DA who can suddenly read minds following a head injury. Struggling to convince as either a lawyer or a psychic, she gets further out of her depth when the central murder mystery turns into a political conspiracy. Abrupt tonal shifts and naff visuals compound the sense of unreality, as director Christopher Leitch tries to balance serious issues with absurd dashes of humour, and falls flat. It's a misguided combination that encourages overacting and sees Spelling's cop love interest (and future real-life husband) Dean McDermott unexpectedly stand out as the one natural performer.

Plot Summary

Thriller starring Tori Spelling as an unlucky-in-love assistant DA who develops psychic abilities after suffering a head injury in a car accident. When she starts using her new-found powers to help catch a killer, it's not long before she starts receiving threats.

Cast and crew


Holly Winters
Tori Spelling
Max Luckett
Dean McDermott
Grant Rogers
Carl Marotte
Grey Underwood
Brett Watson
Julian Hasty
Tyrone Benskin
Mark Camacho
Rachel Chin
Andrea Lui
Senator Sinclair
John Koensgen
Madame Espy
Felicia Shulman
Hector Colon
Luis Oliva


Christopher Leitch

Other Information

English / French
Edited for language and a sex scene.