Arch of Triumph

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  • Lewis Milestone (1948)
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  • 126 min
Arch of Triumph
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1 out of 5

This adaptation of an Erich Maria Remarque bestseller should have been a successful movie. It was blessed with the reteaming of the two stars of Gaslight (Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer) and the directorial skills of Lewis Milestone, who turned Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front into a screen classic. As it turned out, the film was a costly failure, sinking its distinguished production company (Enterprise) and failing to find an audience in any of its many re-edited or shortened versions. Whatever the version, there's no chemistry between Bergman and Boyer, most of Charles Laughton's scenes must have ended up on the cutting room floor because he's so bad as a Nazi, the overall pace is deadly, and the re-creation of Paris is totally without atmosphere.

Plot Summary

Romantic drama starring Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer and Charles Laughton. An ill-fated relationship begins when an Austrian doctor fleeing Nazi persecution meets a down-on-her-luck courtesan in Paris just before the Second World War.

Cast and crew


Joan Madou
Ingrid Bergman
Dr Ravic
Charles Boyer
Charles Laughton
Louis Calhern
Kate Hegstroem
Ruth Warrick
Dr Weber
Roman Bohnen
Stephen Bekassy
Madame Fessier
Ruth Nelson


Lewis Milestone

Other Information

Black and White
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Available on video and DVD
Certificate U
Cornerstone Media

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