Cradle of Fear

Cradle of Fear

Alex Chandon (2001)

18 Certificate
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A mysterious stranger subjects a series of seemingly unconnected people to sadistic torment on behalf of an imprisoned serial killer with a lust for vengeance. Meanwhile, a detective follows his path of destruction, trying to uncover the connection between the killer behind bars and the one on the loose. Horror, starring Dani Filth and David McEwen.

Cast & Crew

The man Dani Filth
Natalie Eileen Daly
Melissa Emily Bouffante
Richard Stuart Laing
Kemper David McEwen
Nick Louie Brownsell
Emma Emma Rice
Detective Neilson Edmund Dehn
Sophie Rebecca Eden
Director Alex Chandon
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD