Hero and the Terror

Hero and the Terror

William Tannen (2) (1988)

15 Certificate


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Possibly owing to the declining returns on his movies in the late 1980s, Chuck Norris chose to play a softer hero here - a troubled cop still traumatised from his experience capturing a vicious serial killer (Jack O'Halloran) in his past, while dealing with the upcoming birth of his girlfriend's child. The stress increases when "the Terror", as he's known, escapes and resumes his savage spree. While Norris is to be applauded for trying something different - by playing a more likeable and believable hero - it comes at the expense of a boring and mostly uneventful story that has hardly any karate action, including a blink-and-you'll-miss-it climax.


A cop becomes a public hero when he brings down a serial killer. Three years on, he is anxiously awaiting the birth of his child when he learns the murderer has escaped from prison and resumed his reign of terror. Thriller, starring Chuck Norris, Jack O'Halloran and Brynn Thayer.

Cast & Crew

O'Brien Chuck Norris
Kay Brynn Thayer
Robinson Steve James (1)
Simon Moon Jack O'Halloran
Dwight Jeffrey Kramer
Mayor Ron O'Neal
Theatre manager Murphy Dunne
Dr Highwater Billy Drago
Director William Tannen (2)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD