Tom and Jerry - the Magic Ring

Tom and Jerry - the Magic Ring

James Tim Walker (2001)

U Certificate


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Old-school Tom and Jerry fans might feel a bit cheated by this 2001 animated frolic. Visually flat and far too slight for its running time, the made-for-video feature sees slapstick trouble erupt when cheeky mouse Jerry (sounding strangely like cartoon monkey Curious George) lays his paws on a magic ring that feline Tom is guarding for his boy wizard master. One long, repetitive chase follows as events shift to town, bringing exaggerated destruction and some fun cameos from popular supporting characters, including Nibbles and Butch. But while young children will get plenty of comic mileage from the few laugh-out-loud moments, there's sadly none of the imagination and frenzied intensity of the classic Hanna-Barbera shorts.


A wizard leaves Tom in charge of an enchanted ring, but Jerry gets it stuck on his head. When the mischievous mouse tries to find someone to remove the jewellery, Tom sets off in hot pursuit to retrieve it before his magical master spots it is missing. Animated comedy, with the voices of Jeff Bennett, Frank Welker and Charlie Schlatter.

Cast & Crew

Tom Jeff Bennett
Jerry Frank Welker
Chip Charlie Schlatter
Director James Tim Walker

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama Children's