The Square

The Square

Nash Edgerton (2008)

15 Certificate


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The noir trappings, the small-town setting and the fact that producers Nash and Joel Edgerton are siblings have invited comparisons with the Coen brothers. However, their striking debut feature - Nash directs, Joel co-writes and co-stars - is actually closer in feel to thrillers like Shallow Grave and A Simple Plan where greed draws ordinary folk into murderous deeds. It's set in a sleepy coastal town in New South Wales, with David Roberts as a middle-aged construction manager who reluctantly agrees to help his mistress (Claire van der Boom) steal a stash of cash from her criminal husband (Anthony Hayes). However, things don't go according to plan and he is soon up to his neck in blackmail and murder. Although the plotting relies a little too much on coincidence and mistaken identity, Nash Edgerton displays an assured understanding of noir essentials and is further helped by believable performances from his talented ensemble cast.


An unhappily married man has an affair with a gangster's wife. She persuades him to help her steal her husband's ill-gotten gains, then burn the house down to cover their tracks. His last-minute change of heart comes too late, and he gets implicated in a murder case when someone dies in the blaze. Thriller, starring David Roberts and Claire van der Boom.

Cast & Crew

Ray David Roberts (2)
Carla Claire van der Boom
Billy Joel Edgerton
"Smithy" Anthony Hayes
Jake Peter Phelps
Gil Hubbard Bill Hunter
Barney Kieran Darcy-Smith
Director Nash Edgerton
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Language: EnglishColour