The NeverEnding Story II: the Next Chapter

The NeverEnding Story II: the Next Chapter

George Miller (1) (1991)

U Certificate


Our Score
Bastian returns (this time played by Jonathan Brandis) for another adventure in the imaginary land of Fantasia in this frankly disappointing sequel to Wolfgang Petersen's English-language debut. Australian director George Miller (not the Mad Max one) assumes the storyteller's chair only to find that, for all its empresses, towers and enchanted creatures, he's been given a rather dull tale to relate. He does what he can with some engaging special effects, but Brandis is too feeble a hero to get excited about. The memory-snatching Xayide is a different matter, however, and played with pantomimic gusto by Clarissa Burt.


Young hero Bastian is once again transported into the magical world of Fantasia, where he must put a stop to the schemes of a wicked sorceress who now holds sway in the land. With the aid of a magical amulet, he is able to wield phenomenal power, but the witch sets a trap that threatens a calamitous future. Fantasy adventure sequel, with Jonathan Brandis and Kenny Morrison.

Cast & Crew

Bastian Jonathan Brandis
Atreyu Kenny Morrison
Xayide Clarissa Burt
Childlike empress Alexandra Johnes
Nimbly Martin Umbach
Barney Bux John Wesley Shipp
Mrs Bux Helena Michell
Tri Face Chris Burton
Koreander Thomas Hill
Director George Miller (1)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video
Drama Children's