One Fine Day

  • PG
  • Michael Hoffman (1996)
  • US
  • 104 min
One Fine Day
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Film Review
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3 out of 5

In this warm-hearted but underwritten romantic comedy, George Clooney stars as a newspaper reporter saddled with parental responsibilities when he's forced to look after his five-year-old daughter while his ex-wife is on honeymoon. Into his life comes Michelle Pfeiffer, who's struggling to hold down a job and bring up a child, and the couple reluctantly agree to help each other out - only to find that what can go wrong naturally does. Clooney, Pfeiffer and Mae Whitman (as Clooney's daughter) are suitably charming, but they are all let down by a very bratty and irritating performance from Alex D Linz (of Home Alone 3 fame) as Pfeiffer's hideous son, and the uninspired direction of Michael Hoffman.

Plot Summary

Romantic comedy starring Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney. Single parents Jack Taylor and Melanie Parker both have busy careers, which makes it difficult for them to find time for their respective children. Discovering they are in the same predicament, they arrange to take it in turns looking after the youngsters for a day - with romantic consequences.

Cast and crew


Melanie Parker
Michelle Pfeiffer
Jack Taylor
George Clooney
Maggie Taylor
Mae Whitman
Sammy Parker
Alex D Linz
Charles Durning
Yates Jr
Jon Robin Baitz
Elaine Lieberman
Ellen Greene
Manny Feldstein
Joe Grifasi


Michael Hoffman

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Grand National Pictures Ltd
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Certificate PG