Killer Flood

Killer Flood

Doug Campbell (2003)

PG Certificate


Our Score
An attention-grabbing title is the most dramatic aspect of this substandard small-screen disaster movie. After an over-the-top opening sequence, events are neither tense nor exciting as disgraced architect Joe Lando races to convince small-town residents that a dam he designed is about to rupture. Ultra-localised action proves the biggest catastrophe, with a surfeit of boring shots of the internal dam walls bursting that highlight the fake-looking sets and horribly unconvincing visual effects. Writer/director Doug Campbell tries to engage viewer empathy by throwing in a huge dollop of sentimentality, but it feels forced and empty. Still, the hammy cast seems to be having fun - especially Bruce Boxleitner as the corporate villain behind the whole water-spewing mess.


An architect building a dam resigns from the construction company that employed him, citing poor standards and short-cuts. However, on a return visit, he realises the structure could collapse at any time - and although a nearby town seems doomed to a watery grave, he struggles to convince anyone of the danger they are in. Thriller, starring Joe Lando, Bruce Boxleitner and Michele Greene.

Cast & Crew

Mr Walker Bruce Boxleitner
Natalie Powell Michele Greene
David Powell Joe Lando
Garth Powell Matthew Ewald
Director Doug Campbell

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour