Killer Flood

  • Doug Campbell (2003)
  • US
  • 105 min
Killer Flood
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1 out of 5

An attention-grabbing title is the most dramatic aspect of this substandard small-screen disaster movie. After an over-the-top opening sequence, events are neither tense nor exciting as disgraced architect Joe Lando races to convince small-town residents that a dam he designed is about to rupture. Ultra-localised action proves the biggest catastrophe, with a surfeit of boring shots of the internal dam walls bursting that highlight the fake-looking sets and horribly unconvincing visual effects. Writer/director Doug Campbell tries to engage viewer empathy by throwing in a huge dollop of sentimentality, but it feels forced and empty. Still, the hammy cast seems to be having fun - especially Bruce Boxleitner as the corporate villain behind the whole water-spewing mess.

Plot Summary

Disaster movie starring Bruce Boxleitner and Joe Lando. When a town's dam begins to show signs of wear, the architect who originally worked on it insists it should be drained and inspected before it bursts. But will anyone heed his warnings?

Cast and crew


Mr Walker
Bruce Boxleitner
Natalie Powell
Michele Greene
David Powell
Joe Lando
Garth Powell
Matthew Ewald


Doug Campbell

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