A Decent Proposal

  • Neill Fearnley (2006)
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  • 90 min
A Decent Proposal
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2 out of 5

A marriage of convenience is built on dark secrets in this ineffective TV thriller. Jessica Tuck plays the pregnant career woman who weds her boss (Andrew Airlie) following her boyfriend's reported death, only to discover that the unscrupulous tycoon may be linked to the tragedy. Unfortunately, Tuck's well-worn appearance and chilly manner make it hard to empathise with her character's emotional dilemma, let alone understand why Airlie would go so far to woo her. Listless pacing and a lack of drama don't help matters, while the resolution is limply convenient. It's all threats and no meaty action, with even the villain of the piece not as nasty or loathsome as he should be.

Plot Summary

Mystery thriller starring Jessica Tuck. When her partner is killed while climbing, Tia McLealand secures the future of her unborn child by marrying her billionaire boss. Then she begins to suspect that her partner's death was not an accident and that her husband was somehow involved.

Cast and crew


Tia McLealand
Jessica Tuck
Nick Marsh
Spencer Rochfort
John Bleekham
Andrew Airlie
Gwen Stathis
Jennifer Spence
Tony Evans
Hrothgar Mathews


Neill Fearnley

Other Information

Some swearing.