White Feather

  • PG
  • Robert D Webb (1955)
  • US
  • 98 min
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2 out of 5

A gauche Robert Wagner here plays a government surveyor trying to persuade the Cheyenne that living on a reservation is their best option, but they find his resolutely 1950s cool bravado as hard to take as we do. This was one of a growing number of westerns of the period that dealt sympathetically with the plight of the native American people, with female lead Debra Paget virtually reprising her role in 1950's similar Broken Arrow. Jeffrey Hunter looks equally uncomfortable as a brave - he and Wagner teamed better in A Kiss before Dying and as the James brothers in The True Story of Jesse James - and cavalryman John Lund acts as though he'd rather be somewhere else. Yet, despite the poor casting, Lucien Ballard's handsome CinemaScope photography gives this film all the dignity it needs.

Plot Summary

A cavalry officer is assigned the task of persuading a Cheyenne tribe to vacate land to make way for hordes of gold prospectors. The chief is willing to move on, but many of his warriors are determined to stay - and a romance between a Cheyenne woman and a surveyor adds to the deadlock. Western, starring John Lund, Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Debra Paget and Hugh O'Brian.

Cast and crew


Josh Tanner
Robert Wagner
Colonel Lindsay
John Lund
Appearing Day
Debra Paget
Little Dog
Jeffrey Hunter
Chief Broken Hand
Eduard Franz
Lieutenant Ferguson
Noah Beery Jr
Ann Magruder
Virginia Leith
Emile Meyer
American Horse
Hugh O'Brian
Commissioner Trenton
Milburn Stone


Robert D Webb

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20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
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