Between Love and Hate

Between Love and Hate

Rod Hardy (1993)

15 Certificate


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Based on a true story, this near-hysterical TV movie is a jilted juvenile variation on the Fatal Attraction theme (what a lot that film has to answer for). Just about every modern-day melodramatic device has been tossed into the pot, from age-gap romance and stalking to class envy and child abuse. Patrick van Horn is out of his depth as a teenage country club swimming instructor who refuses to accept the end of a summer romance. Little better are Susan Lucci as the spoiled socialite who toys with boys and Barry Bostwick, whose career has stagnated since playing Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


A shy college boy goes to work as a swimming instructor at an exclusive country club during the summer holidays - only to become besotted with the wealthy mother of one of his pupils. Drama, starring Susan Lucci and Patrick Von Horn.

Cast & Crew

Vivian Conrad Susan Lucci
Matt Templeton Patrick van Horn
Justin Barry Bostwick
Charles Templeton Raymond J Barry
Lauren Lyndsay Riddell
Diane Chelsea Lagos
Alec Cameron Daddo
Katherine Moira Harris
Jackie Elizabeth Ruscio
Frank Preston Tom Hallick
Maggie Edith Fields
Director Rod Hardy
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence, swearing and sex scenes.