Dangerous Affair

Dangerous Affair

Alan Metzger (1995)

15 Certificate


Our Score
If a beautiful but lonely career woman meets Mr Right, it's a TV-movie rule of thumb that he'll barely be able to close his cupboard door for all the skeletons. Unfortunately, Gregory Harrison's dark secrets are all too familiar and director Alan Metzger has to resort to the cheapest of trick endings to bale out his mediocre thriller. Connie Sellecca, a small-screen star of the 1980s and 90s, displays her full range of imperilled expressions as she begins to realise that the sophisticated Harrison is, in fact, a deranged stalker, but, as affairs go, this one isn't nearly dangerous enough.


A high-flying career woman thinks she has met the man of her dreams - until he reveals his true colours by subjecting her to a cruel campaign of obsessive stalking and torment. Thriller, starring Connie Sellecca, Gregory Harrison and Christopher Meloni.

Cast & Crew

Sharon Blake Connie Sellecca
Robert Kenzer Gregory Harrison
Tommy Moretti Christopher Meloni
Dr Robertson Rosalind Cash
Detective Webber John Marshall Jones
Eric Ryan Todd
Sharon's mother Jo De Winter
Grisham Brian Evers
Martha Robin Bartlett
Director Alan Metzger
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains swearing, sex scenes and brief nudity. Available on: video