Seventeen and Missing

  • Paul Schneider (1) (2006)
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  • 90 min
Seventeen and Missing
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2 out of 5

The subject of this thriller may be a parent's worst nightmare, but there's surprisingly little drama in this ineffectual, made-for-television abduction tale. In fact, you don't get much genuine emotion or tension at all, as psychic mum Dedee Pfeiffer (Michelle's sister) uses her spooky second sight to help find her missing daughter after the stroppy teen disappears following a party. Consequently, the film struggles for impact, with routine direction and feeble plotting compounding the problem. Only Pfeiffer's horror movie-styled visions bring a jolt of colour, enlivening her character's otherwise dull detective work. Unfortunately this supernatural element also undermines the mystery, causing its pieces to fit together too quickly and conveniently, and giving supposedly affecting events an air of silliness.

Plot Summary

Mystery thriller starring Dedee Pfeiffer as a mother whose visions offer clues as to the whereabouts of her abducted teenage daughter.

Cast and crew


Emilie Janzen
Dedee Pfeiffer
Richard Janzen
Matthew Harrison (2)
Lori Janzen
Tegan Moss
Kevin Janzen
Brett Dier
Martin Vetter
Victor Ayala
Taya Calicetto
Detective Cornell
Terry David Mulligan
Brynn Welland
Natasha Peck
Jared Keeso
Helen Vedder
Karin Konoval


Paul Schneider (1)

Other Information

Edited for violence.

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