The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones

Sean Byrne (2009)

18 Certificate


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The torture-porn genre gets a Day-Glo makeover in this hilariously deranged Ocker shocker. Xavier Samuel stars as Brent, the unfortunate youth who makes the mistake of turning down an invitation to the school dance from Lola (Robin McLeavy), a seemingly sweet but rather plain fellow student. As revenge, she gets her adoring dad (John Brumpton) to kidnap him and then sets about re-creating the dance at her own house - and just to make sure Brent behaves like the perfect date, the deranged duo have a range of knives, power tools and other lethal implements at their disposal to help him get into the right party mood. The bodily harm inflicted by writer/director Sean Byrne on the hapless Brent is wince-inducing in the extreme, but the cheerful black humour means it's never nastily exploitative. The result is the best Australian horror flick since Wolf Creek and an instant cult classic.


A teenager devastated by his father's death is lifted out of depression by his girlfriend. However, another girl also has her eye on him and when he rejects her advances, she and her doting but demented father kidnap him and plot a gruesome revenge. Australian horror, starring Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy and Victoria Thaine.

Cast & Crew

Brent Xavier Samuel
Lola "Princess" Robin McLeavy
Daddy John Brumpton
Jamie Richard Wilson
Holly Victoria Thaine
Mia Jessica McNamee
Director Sean Byrne
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence, swearing, drug abuse, sex scenes, nudity. Available on: DVD and Blu-ray