Web of Deceit

Web of Deceit

Bill Corcoran (1994)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Having toyed with the idea of calling this film Cradle to Grave, Cradle to Rob and The Baby, it's hard to know why this less than inspiring title was chosen, especially as it had already been used for a feature-length TV courtroom drama in 1990. Be that as it may, this is a more than adequate thriller starring Corbin Bernsen - still familiar to most viewers as one of the stars of LA Law - and Amanda Pays as a couple (the pair are married in real-life) whose relationship is stretched to breaking point when their baby vanishes. Post-natal depression has taken its toll, but do those blood stains really mean Pays committed murder? The tension is admirably sustained by director Bill Corcoran.


A couple are torn apart by the sudden disappearance of their newborn son - a mystery which leads to murder accusations when a bloodstained baby's blanket is found in the back of the wife's car. Thriller, starring real-life husband and wife Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays alongside Neve Campbell.

Cast & Crew

Mark Elshant Corbin Bernsen
Catherine Elshant Amanda Pays
Bernie Albert Schultz
Laura Mimi Kuzyk
Beth Neve Campbell
Herb Al Waxman
Elaine Dawn Greenhalgh
Falcone Tom McCamus
Detective Grippi Kim Coates
Detective Rydell Carlton Watson
Eisner Nigel Bennett
Detective Gaffney Peter Krantz
Bank Teller Caroline Yeager
College Kid Jeremy Harris
Mrs Lassell Helen Beavis
Foreign Nanny Sveta Kohli
Director Bill Corcoran
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour