The Moonraker

  • U
  • David MacDonald (1957)
  • UK
  • 78 min
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3 out of 5

This English Civil War adventure may lack a decent budget and big stars, but it's still an enjoyable romp. George Baker plays the crafty Cavalier who keeps the future Charles II out of the clutches of Oliver Cromwell (portrayed with visible relish by John Le Mesurier). Sylvia Syms provides the glamour and Doctor Who fans of a certain age will recognise Patrick Troughton, who played the time traveller in his second incarnation, in a small role.

Plot Summary

Period adventure starring George Baker and Sylvia Syms. In the 17th century, with the Royalists in conflict with the Roundheads, a dashing Cavalier known as "the Moonraker" comes up with a plan to help the king's son escape to France.

Cast and crew


Earl Anthony of Dawlish, "the Moonraker"
George Baker
Anne Wyndham
Sylvia Syms
Edmund Tyler
Peter Arne
Colonel Beaumont
Marius Goring
Lord Harcourt
Clive Morton
Prince Charles Stuart
Gary Raymond
Oliver Cromwell
John Le Mesurier
Henry Strangeways
Richard Leech
Captain Wilcox
Patrick Troughton


David MacDonald

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Assoc. British Pathe Ltd
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Certificate U