The Ballad of Jack and Rose

  • 15
  • Rebecca Miller (2005)
  • US
  • 111 min
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2 out of 5

Daniel Day-Lewis keeps it in the family here, with a film written and directed by his wife, Rebecca Miller, the daughter of playwright Arthur Miller. Day-Lewis plays Jack, an eco-warrior living in the remnants of an idealistic island commune, alone save for his sheltered 16-year-old daughter, Rose (Camilla Belle). Jack is dying of a heart condition and is determined to make provisions for Rose by establishing a more stable relationship with his on/off mainland girlfriend, Kathleen (Catherine Keener), and achieve some resolution in his ongoing conflict with a local property developer (Beau Bridges). As you'd expect from a cast of such calibre, the acting is spot-on. The direction is adequate if unremarkable, but the film is dull and dated, with a final, rather obvious "message" that's hammered home. It's hard to see it gaining a wide audience, though fans may be tempted out by one of Day-Lewis's rare forays on to film.

Plot Summary

Drama starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Ageing eco-warrior Jack Slavin is close to death from a heart condition. Determined to establish a secure future for his teenage daughter, Jack must first mend relations with his former girlfriend and resolve a feud with a local property developer.

Cast and crew


Rose Slavin
Camilla Belle
Jack Slavin
Daniel Day-Lewis
Catherine Keener
Ryan McDonald
Paul Dano
Jason Lee
Red Berry
Jena Malone
Marty Rance
Beau Bridges
Miriam Rance
Susanna Thompson


Rebecca Miller

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Released 31 Mar 2006
Certificate 15