The House on 92nd Street

The House on 92nd Street

Henry Hathaway (1945)

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Produced by Louis de Rochemont - co-founder/producer of the influential American newsreel The March of Time - this semi-documentary espionage thriller started a trend in postwar Hollywood for true-life crime dramas notable for their realism, "voice of doom" narration and understated use of authentic locations. Readily taking to the documentary style, director Henry Hathaway sets a cracking pace, as double agent William Eythe keeps federal agent Lloyd Nolan informed about the activities of a Nazi spy ring operated from New York by icy blonde Signe Hasso and the mysterious Mr Christopher. The self-congratulatory tone aside, it's enthralling stuff.


A German-American student in New York is approached by members of a Nazi spy ring looking to recruit him. At the same time, he offers his services to the FBI as a double agent, and is sent on a mission to locate and infiltrate the ring. Having tracked the spies down to a house on 92nd Street, he goes on to discover a Nazi plan to steal the secrets of America's atomic research. Spy thriller, with William Eythe, Leo G Carroll, Lloyd Nolan and Gene Lockhart.

Cast & Crew

Bill Dietrich William Eythe
Col Hammersohn Leo G Carroll
Charles Ogden Roper Gene Lockhart
Agent George A Briggs Lloyd Nolan
Elsa Gebhardt Signe Hasso
Johanna Schmidt Lydia St Clair
Max Cobura Harry Bellaver
Adolf Lange Bruno Wick
Director Henry Hathaway
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. LtdAvailable on: DVD