The House on 92nd Street

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  • Henry Hathaway (1945)
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  • 84 min
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4 out of 5

Produced by Louis de Rochemont - co-founder/producer of the influential American newsreel The March of Time - this semi-documentary espionage thriller started a trend in postwar Hollywood for true-life crime dramas notable for their realism, "voice of doom" narration and understated use of authentic locations. Readily taking to the documentary style, director Henry Hathaway sets a cracking pace, as double agent William Eythe keeps federal agent Lloyd Nolan informed about the activities of a Nazi spy ring operated from New York by icy blonde Signe Hasso and the mysterious Mr Christopher. The self-congratulatory tone aside, it's enthralling stuff.

Plot Summary

Spy drama set in New York during the Second World War: German-American student Bill Dietrich is persuaded to become a double agent by the FBI and learns that Nazi spies are obtaining secret information about an atomic bomb project.

Cast and crew


Bill Dietrich
William Eythe
Inspector George A Briggs
Lloyd Nolan
Elsa Gebhardt
Signe Hasso
Charles Ogden Roper
Gene Lockhart
Colonel Hammersohn
Leo G Carroll
Johanna Schmidt
Lydia St Clair
William Post Jr
Max Coburg
Harry Bellaver
Adolphe Lange
Bruno Wick
Conrad Arnulf
Harro Meller
Gus Huzmann
Charles Wagenheim
Adolph Klaen
Alfred Linder
John Stuart Martin


Henry Hathaway

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Black and White
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20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
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Certificate U
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