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  • Alex Gibney (2010)
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In this slick documentary, director Alex Gibney (Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room) focuses on the charismatic politician whose involvement with a prostitution ring led to his resignation as Governor of New York in 2008. It is amusing and somewhat sad that a man of Spitzer's energy and repute would succumb to purchasing "girlfriend experiences" for $1,000 per hour, and he relates the sorry tale himself with candour and a certain amount of shame-faced grace. There's also a certain irony that, during his tenure as Attorney General, Spitzer spoke at Harvard Law School regarding the banking crisis and quoted a T-shirt that read "Hubris is terminal", when it was exactly that which brought about his own fall. Gibney's detailed, meticulous analysis of Spitzer's career is concerned less with his subject's political and personal errors than with the behind-the-scenes machinations, and how enemies within his own ranks found a way of taking him down. The result is a sharp and very American probe into payback that puts forward a strong, if not entirely watertight, case.

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Documentary that charts the rise and fall of politician Eliot Spitzer, who had a glittering career, first as Attorney General and then as Governor of New York. But when the no-nonsense Spitzer locked horns with very powerful people in Wall Street and his involvement with a prostitute became known in 2008, his fall from grace was inevitable.

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Eliot Spitzer


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Contains swearing and nudity.
Released 4 Mar 2011