The Little Shop of Horrors

  • PG
  • Roger Corman (1960)
  • US
  • 72 min
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3 out of 5

According to Hollywood legend, this riotous no-budget comedy horror from cult director Roger Corman was shot in three days on a leftover set. Jonathan Haze plays the browbeaten florist's apprentice who breeds a carnivorous plant that starts terrorising the neighbourhood. Look out for Jack Nicholson, who's hilarious as Wilbur Force, the masochistic dental patient reading Pain magazine in the waiting room. This cult Corman cheapie went on to inspire a hit Broadway musical, which was itself adapted as a film in 1986.

Plot Summary

Horror comedy starring Jonathan Haze and featuring Jack Nicholson. When dim-witted Seymour Krelboined develops a new breed of plant, his position at the Skid Row flower shop looks to be safe. The only problem is, his new creation craves human blood if it is to grow.

Cast and crew


Seymour Krelboined
Jonathan Haze
Audrey Fulguard
Jackie Joseph
Gravis Mushnik
Mel Welles
Winifred Krelboined
Myrtle Vail
Mrs Shiva
Leola Wendorff
Burson Fouch
Dick Miller
Wilbur Force
Jack Nicholson


Roger Corman

Other Information

Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
Hemdale Film Dists Ltd
Contains some violence
Available on video and DVD
Certificate PG