North West Mounted Police

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  • Cecil B DeMille (1940)
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  • 125 min
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2 out of 5

A box-office blockbuster in 1940, this flat-footed tribute to the Mounties from Cecil B DeMille (and his first in colour after more than 60 black-and-white outings) has Gary Cooper as the Texas Ranger-turned-Mountie who, in the 1880s, helps suppress a 15-year revolt by settlers. Madeleine Carroll and Paulette Goddard provide Cooper and buddy Robert Preston with additional motivation. From these historical skirmishes, DeMille suggests, came the Mounties' motto of always getting their man (or woman). This was shot on sound stages and in Oregon when DeMille's preferred location in the Canadian Rockies proved to be too expensive.

Plot Summary

Period adventure starring Gary Cooper and directed by Cecil B DeMille. A Texas Ranger joins forces with the Canadian Mounties to hunt down rebellious frontiersmen.

Cast and crew


Dusty Rivers
Gary Cooper
April Logan
Madeleine Carroll
Louvette Corbeau
Paulette Goddard
Sgt Jim Brett
Preston Foster
Constable Ronnie Logan
Robert Preston
Jacques Corbeau
George Bancroft
Tod McDuff
Lynne Overman
Dan Duroc
Akim Tamiroff


Cecil B DeMille

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