John Huston (1982)

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John Huston was the wrong director for this long-winded version of the Broadway musical based on the popular American comic strip. He lacks the necessary light touch that might have made this the equal of the stage production, and he's not helped by the casting of heavyweight Albert Finney as bald Daddy Warbucks and grimacing Tim Curry as a villain. However, Carol Burnett is a zesty Miss Hannigan and Aileen Quinn is appealing as the moppet of the title, while real class is brought to the proceedings by Broadway divas Bernadette Peters and Ann Reinking. Dip in and enjoy the marvellous songs.


An orphan wins the fatherly affections of a tough-talking billionaire - but the no-good owner of the orphanage and her brother are out to ruin the girl's chances of happiness and make a quick profit in the process. Musical, directed by John Huston, based on the stage play. Starring Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, Carol Burnett and Tim Curry.

Cast & Crew

Daddy Warbucks Albert Finney
Miss Hannigan Carol Burnett
Lily Bernadette Peters
Grace Farrell Ann Reinking
Rooster Tim Curry
Annie Aileen Quinn
Punjab Geoffrey Holder
Asp Roger Minami
Molly Toni Ann Gisondi
Pepper Rosanne Sorrentino
Tessie Lara Berk
Kate April Lerman
Duffy Lucie Stewart
July Robin Ignico
FDR Edward Herrmann
Eleanor Roosevelt Lois DeBanzie
Bert Healy Peter Marshall
Director John Huston
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Emi-Warner Dists LtdAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray
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