Summer House

  • Jean-Claude Lord (2008)
  • US / Can
  • 90 min
Summer House
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2 out of 5

Lipstick Jungle's Lindsay Price adds good looks but very little else to this banal haunted-house tale. Struggling for naturalism in her weakly written role, she plays an introverted artist who's forced to find new inner strengths to break a curse that's afflicted the male heirs in her husband's family for centuries. Insubstantial plotting makes events dull and predictable, leading to a genre-hopping mishmash of visual styles, as director Jean-Claude Lord tries to boost his material and pick up the pace. Yet, despite his and the cast's best efforts, it's only the bursts of foreboding music that provide any sense of eerie atmosphere - a lazy device ill-served by the preposterous dialogue and lame finale.

Plot Summary

Mystery thriller starring Lindsay Price as a wife who discovers that her husband and unborn son are at risk after they move into a house that's blighted by an ancient curse.

Cast and crew


Nikki Wickersham
Lindsay Price
George Wickersham IV
David Jones (5)
Margie Mancuso
Sadie LeBlanc
Peter Hughes
Niall Matter
Virginia Roberts
Emma Stevens
Celia Calvert
Susan Bain
George Wickersham lll
Walter Massey
Mr Trinkle
James Bradford
Professor Jill Ambrose
Macha Grenon
Dr Alice Burke
Yvette Harper Pouliotte


Jean-Claude Lord

Other Information

Edited for violence and sex scenes.