Rattle of a Simple Man

Rattle of a Simple Man

Muriel Box (1964)

X Certificate


Our Score
Harry H Corbett strays into Norman Wisdom territory in this disappointing comedy drama from the husband-and-wife team of Sydney and Muriel Box. In adapting his play for the big screen, Charles Dyer so overdoes the pathos that what few laughs there are seem rather cruel and out of place. As the innocent following his football team to Wembley, Corbett is unconvincingly wide-eyed, although his scenes with Diane Cilento's prostitute have a certain sweetness about them. The remainder, however, reeks of contrivance, with the banter between the fans continually ringing false, while the patronising depiction of northerners is most irksome.


A naive football supporter sleeps with a prostitute after an away match, and believes he has met the love of his life. Comedy drama, starring Harry H Corbett and Diane Cilento.

Cast & Crew

Percy Winthram Harry H Corbett
Cyrenne Diane Cilento
Mrs Winthram Thora Hird
Ginger Michael Medwin
Chalky Charles Dyer
Ozzie Hugh Futcher
Fred Brian Wilde
Ricardo Alexander Davion
Mario David Saire
Iris Barbara Archer
Director Muriel Box
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD
Drama Comedy