Count the Hours

Count the Hours

Don Siegel (1953)



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In this crime thriller, an itinerant farm worker is sentenced to death for murder, so his wife and a lawyer, who shows more than a passing interest in her, battle to prove his innocence and bring the true culprit to book. MacDonald Carey, Teresa Wright, John Craven and Dolores Moran (as Carey's rich fiancée) star in an efficient directorial exercise for Don Siegel, who maintains the tension in what is essentially no more than a so-so programme-filler.


A farmer is murdered, and one of his employees confesses under interrogation. The lawyer assigned to the case gradually realises the defendant is innocent despite his admission, but when a guilty verdict and a sentence of death is returned, he races against time to uncover the real killer before the execution is carried out. Drama, starring Macdonald Carey and Teresa Wright.

Cast & Crew

Doug Madison Macdonald Carey
Ellen Braden Teresa Wright
George Braden John Craven
Paula Mitchener Dolores Moran
Gillespie Edgar Barrier
Max Verne Jack Elam
Gracie Adele Mara
Alvin Taylor Ralph Sanford
Director Don Siegel
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Language: EnglishBlack and white