That's My Boy

That's My Boy

Sean Anders (2012)

15 Certificate
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The kindest thing you can say about this Adam Sandler comedy is that it's not as awful as his previous one, Jack and Jill. That said, it's still largely a laugh-free zone, a lazy amalgam of shoddy slapstick, stereotypes and sentimentality, with added gross-out moments. Sandler plays a former tabloid celebrity whose claim to fame was that he got his teacher pregnant when he was a teenager; she ended up in prison, leaving him to bring up their child. Fast-forward three decades and Sandler is facing jail for unpaid taxes, so he signs a deal with a TV show to set up a family reunion. However, his son (Andy Samberg), now a high-flying financier who is about to get married, wants nothing to do with the boorish father he walked out on years before. Samberg gives it his all in a thankless role and there are some amusing supporting turns from an eclectic cast that includes former Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia and Vanilla Ice (sending himself up as a fellow washed-up 1980s celebrity). James Caan and Susan Sarandon also turn up, for no discernible reason.


A teenager fathers a child and raises him alone, but when the boy grows up, he no longer wants anything to do with his drunken, irresponsible parent. As he prepares to get married, the son finds his father gatecrashing the wedding, desperate to rebuild their relationship but just as obnoxious as ever. Comedy, starring Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg.

Cast & Crew

Donny Adam Sandler
Todd Andy Samberg
Jamie Leighton Meester
Father McNally James Caan
Chad Milo Ventimiglia
Helen Meagen Fay
Steve Spirou Tony Orlando
Phil Will Forte
Director Sean Anders
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: SonyGuidance: Violence, swearing, sexual references, drug abuse.Available on: DVD and Blu-ray