The Pink Panther

  • PG
  • Shawn Levy (2006)
  • US
  • 88 min
The Pink Panther
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2 out of 5

You've got to admire Steve Martin's courage. Having already tried to fill Phil Silvers's boots in Sgt Bilko, he now tackles the equally iconic Inspector Clouseau, a character immortalised by Peter Sellers. Martin does his best and certainly works hard, but this slapstick quasi-French farce just isn't that funny. The plot sees Clouseau tracking down a fabulous diamond ring and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake as his investigations lead from Paris to New York. Among the supporting cast, Kevin Kline should have been a riot as Clouseau's long-suffering superior, Chief Inspector Dreyfus. But his subtle comic skills are wasted on a poor script and over-obvious humour. The same goes for Jean Reno, who plays Clouseau's sidekick and the film's Cato-style, "attack me" character. Fans of the 1963 original film would do well to avoid it, but younger viewers may well find this vague retread mildly amusing.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Steve Martin as the bungling detective Jacques Clouseau. When the coach of the French national football team is murdered and a priceless diamond stolen, a top police officer is needed to solve the crime. But, for some reason, Chief Inspector Dreyfus decides to put the incompetent Clouseau on the case.

Cast and crew


Inspector Jacques Clouseau
Steve Martin
Chief Inspector Dreyfus
Kevin Kline
Gendarme Gilbert Ponton
Jean Reno
Emily Mortimer
Henry Czerny
Kristin Chenoweth
Roger Rees
Beyoncé Knowles


Shawn Levy

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Violence and swearing
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 17 Mar 2006
Certificate PG