Devil's Canyon

  • Alfred Werker (1953)
  • US
  • 89 min
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2 out of 5

Originally filmed in 3D and photographed by Nicholas Musuraca, a master of low-key film noir lighting, this RKO western is actually more of a thriller. Stephen McNally plays the ruthless killer who attempts to wreak revenge on fellow prison inmate Dale Robertson, a former US marshal serving ten years for his involvement in a fatal shoot-out. Virginia Mayo helps McNally escape from jail, but no prizes for guessing who she ends up with. The period realism of the Arizona Territorial Prison setting makes this an unusual time-passer, and South Dakota-born director Alfred Werker had a way with westerns. It's all a bit grim, though, and a stronger cast would have helped a lot.

Plot Summary

Western starring Dale Robertson and Virginia Mayo. Despite a warning from beautiful outlaw Abby Nixon, former US marshal Billy Reynolds becomes involved in a fatal shoot-out and is sentenced to ten years for murder at the notorious Arizona Territorial Prison.

Cast and crew


Billy Reynolds
Dale Robertson
Abby Nixon
Virginia Mayo
Jesse Gorman
Stephen McNally
Frank Taggert
Arthur Hunnicutt
Steve Morgan
Robert Keith (1)
Captain Wells
Jay C Flippen
Colonel Gomez
George J Lewis
Whit Bissell


Alfred Werker

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd