Mr Bean's Holiday

  • PG
  • Steve Bendelack (2007)
  • UK
  • 85 min
Mr Bean's Holiday
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3 out of 5

A little Mr Bean definitely goes a long way. That said, ten years after his first big-screen appearance, this second film outing for Rowan Atkinson's slightly creepy comic creation is, for the first hour at least, really rather good. Bean, who has won a Côte d'Azur holiday in a church raffle, heads off to Paris by train and proceeds to bumble his way across France, with "gracias" his sole attempt at the local lingo. If the film-makers had stopped there, we'd have had an amusing series of vaguely connected slapstick sketches. Instead, they introduce a daft plot involving a young boy (Max Baldry), a pretty actress (Emma de Caunes) and the Cannes film festival. Its only real purpose seems to be to offer a somewhat lost-looking Willem Dafoe the chance to guest-star as a pretentious film director, while Bean is needlessly turned from zero to hero. In this case, a little less of a good thing would have been rather more.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Rowan Atkinson. Mr Bean puts the entente cordiale under considerable strain when he wins a camcorder and a trip to France in a raffle. After a typically accident-prone encounter with a Russian film director, the hapless hero ends up at the Cannes film festival.

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Mr Bean
Rowan Atkinson
Max Baldry
Emma de Caunes
Carson Clay
Willem Dafoe
Karel Roden
Maitre d'
Jean Rochefort
Steve Pemberton


Steve Bendelack

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Released 30 Mar 2007
Certificate PG