Columbo: Now You See Him

Columbo: Now You See Him

Harvey Hart

PG Certificate


A stage magician has kept the fact that he is a Nazi war criminal a secret for years. When a nightclub manager threatens to expose him, the illusionist kills him and arranges the perfect alibi - because at the time of the murder, he was apparently performing an escapology act. However, Columbo sets out to uncover the truth. Detective drama, with Peter Falk and Jack Cassidy.

Cast & Crew

Lt Columbo Peter Falk
Santini Jack Cassidy
Danny Green Patrick Culliton
Sgt John J Wilson Bob Dishy
Jesse Jerome Nehemiah Persoff
Harry Blandford Robert Loggia
Della Santini Cynthia Sikes
Thackery George Sperdakos
Director Harvey Hart
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