Little Girl Lost: the Delimar Vera Story

Little Girl Lost: the Delimar Vera Story

Paul A Kaufman (2008)

PG Certificate


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Emotions drive this simple but effective human-interest story. Based on a real life case, it centres on an outstanding performance from Scrubs star Judy Reyes as a working-class Philadelphia woman who struggles for six years to convince her family and the authorities that her baby daughter was abducted rather than killed in a house fire. By wisely focusing on the personal impact of events, the no-frills retelling remains consistently compelling - particularly when motherly intuition eventually proves correct. Consequently, Reyes's depth and realism are especially crucial components, believably capturing her character's pain and frustrations without cheap histrionics. Only the overly neat finale dabbles in sentimentality, but that's entirely expected given the extraordinary circumstances.


A distraught mother is told her infant daughter died in the fire that engulfed the family home during a party - but she is certain someone has taken the baby. Six years later, she happens across a girl who reminds her strongly of her child and, determined to prove she is her daughter, sets out to obtain DNA evidence confirming the youngster's identity. Fact-based drama, with Judy Reyes, Ana Ortiz and Hector Luis Bustamante.

Cast & Crew

Luz Cuevas Judy Reyes
Valerie Valleja Ana Ortiz
Pedro Vera Hector Luis Bustamante
Tatita Marlene Forte
Angel Cruz A Martinez
Delimar Vera / Aaliyah Jillian Bruno
Director Paul A Kaufman
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Language: EnglishColour