Lost Holiday: the Jim and Suzanne Shemwell Story

  • Gregory Goodell (2007)
  • US
  • 120 min
Lost Holiday: the Jim and Suzanne Shemwell Story
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2 out of 5

Dylan Walsh and Jami Gertz whine and bicker their way through this Christmas-set drama, playing an estranged couple who are forced to re-evaluate their lives and relationship when a blizzard traps them in the Idaho Mountains. But the focus on arguing over action becomes irritating rather quickly, and leaves the actors struggling to bring realism, and more importantly tension, to the true story-based events. The biggest problem is that the Shemwells' survival is never in any doubt, making their six-day ordeal and the lip-chewing of their anxious relatives feel like padding before the obligatory happy ending. Stereotypical characters with clich├ęd emotional issues exacerbate this weakness, though it's hard not to be touched by the final splash of sentimentality.

Plot Summary

Adventure drama based on a true story, starring Dylan Walsh and Jami Gertz as an estranged couple who venture into snowy mountains and become locked in a battle for survival.

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Jim Shemwell
Dylan Walsh
Suzanne Shemwell
Jami Gertz
Taryn Shemwell
Brooklynn Proulx
Aaron Pearl
Miranda Shemwell
Julia Maxwell
Alex Arsenault
Mary Ann
Judith Buchan


Gregory Goodell

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