Gunsmoke: the Last Apache

Gunsmoke: the Last Apache

Charles Correll (1990)

PG Certificate


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Too often, big-screen adaptations of TV shows take sharp, focused ideas and turn them into blandness, or porridge, because television writers and directors cannot adapt to the quite different rhythms of cinema. Joining a long list is this western, which takes its cue from a once well-loved TV series that ran for 20 years with the help of imposing star James Arness. Here, once again playing US marshal Matt Dillon, he jumps into the saddle to save a daughter he never knew existed from the Apaches, only to find himself riding towards cheap sentiment, lumpy plotting and poorly defined characters.


Marshal Matt Dillon pursues a renegade Apache warrior who has kidnapped the daughter he never knew he had. Western adventure based on the television series, starring James Arness, Richard Kiley and Michael Learned.

Cast & Crew

Matt Dillon James Arness
Chalk Brighton Richard Kiley
Mike Yardner Michael Learned
General Miles Hugh O'Brian
Beth Yardner Amy Stock-Poynton
Bodine Geoffrey Lewis
Wolf Joe Lara
Geronimo Joaquin Martinez
Director Charles Correll
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence. Available on: video