Sex and the City: the Movie

  • 15
  • Michael Patrick King (2008)
  • US
  • 139 min
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3 out of 5

Ten years after meeting "Mr Big", New York "sexpert" Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) finally gets closure on her dating dilemmas in this big-screen spin-off from the iconic TV show. As ever, Parker brims with infectious whimsy - doubly so when Big (Chris Noth) pops the question. There's rather too much cooing over dresses and shoes for half-an-hour afterwards, but then Carrie and her gal pals are forced to reassess life's priorities beyond bagging the latest Manolo Blahniks. It's the ups and downs between friends that resonate more than the love story, and although some gags veer into American Pie territory, there is plenty of dry humour, too - Kim Cattrall is especially wicked as saucy Samantha. Fans will relish all the urbanite introspection and colourful girl talk, even if the ending doesn't really add much to the 2004 series finale.

Plot Summary

Romantic comedy spin-off from the hit TV show, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. Sassy columnist Carrie Bradshaw observes New York dating rituals before discussing these in graphic detail with her gal pals. But she's stumped when it comes to her own long-term relationship with Mr Big (Chris Noth), even after he proposes.

Cast and crew


Carrie Bradshaw
Sarah Jessica Parker
Samantha Jones
Kim Cattrall
Miranda Hobbes
Cynthia Nixon
Charlotte York Goldenblatt
Kristin Davis
Mr Big
Christopher Noth
Jennifer Hudson
Jerry "Smith" Jerrod
Jason Lewis
Harry Goldenblatt
Evan Handler
Steve Brady
David Eigenberg
Stanford Blatch
Willie Garson
Lynn Cohen
Anthony Marentino
Mario Cantone
Enid Frick
Candice Bergen


Michael Patrick King

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Entertainment Film Dists
Swearing, sex scenes.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 30 May 2008
Certificate 15
Entertainment in Video Ltd