Agatha Christie's Sparkling Cyanide

  • PG
  • Robert Michael Lewis (1983)
  • US
  • 91 min
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2 out of 5

Having just directed A Caribbean Mystery with Helen Hayes as Miss Marple, Robert Michael Lewis returned to Agatha Christie for this blood-curdling concoction. One of the attractions for Christie's American fans is her essential Englishness, so it seems odd to transfer the action to Pasadena. However, at least Anthony Andrews is on hand to import some Brideshead Revisited class. With a couple of fatal toasts as its high points, the twisting plot will certainly keep you guessing. However, the tinkering with the original makes the mystery feel forced, and the resolution is not one of the author's best.

Plot Summary

Murder mystery starring Anthony Andrews. British journalist Tony Browne is a guest at a couple's anniversary dinner, during which the wife is found dead of cyanide poisoning. It seems that everyone attending the dinner had a motive to murder her.

Cast and crew


Tony Browne
Anthony Andrews
Iris Murdoch
Deborah Raffin
Ruth Lessing
Pamela Bellwood
Lucilla Drake
Nancy Marchand
George Barton
Josef Sommer
Stephan Farraday
David Huffman
Rosemary Barton
Christine Belford
Sandra Farraday
June Chadwick
Eric Kidderminster
Barrie Ingham
Captain Kemp
Harry Morgan


Robert Michael Lewis

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