The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

  • PG
  • Brian Levant (2000)
  • US
  • 87 min
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
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3 out of 5

It's yabba-dabba-two time as Fred and Barney first meet Wilma and Betty in a belated prequel to 1994's live-action original. The first half is cuter and more child-friendly, with the trademark retro gizmos including a nifty Jurassic theme park where the roller coaster comprises interlocked apatosaurus necks. By contrast, the more plot-driven second half could tax pre-adolescent patience as Fred seeks to see off competition for well-off Wilma's hand by striking it rich in Vegas. The casting is variable: The Full Monty's Mark Addy looks the part as Fred, but underplays it; as Barney, Stephen Baldwin is too gormless and two feet too tall. The girls, though, are great, with Ally McBeal's Jane Krakowski a nicely traditional Betty and Third Rock from the Sun's Kristen Johnston an unexpectedly voluptuous Wilma.

Plot Summary

Comedy prequel based on the cartoon series, starring Mark Addy, Stephen Baldwin, Kristen Johnston and Jane Krakowski. Quarry worker Fred Flintstone is determined to win the heart of the beautiful Wilma Slaghoople, but first he must overcome opposition from her snobbish parents and a devious former boyfriend.

Cast and crew


Fred Flintstone
Mark Addy
Barney Rubble
Stephen Baldwin
Wilma Slaghoople
Kristen Johnston
Betty O'Shale
Jane Krakowski
Pearl Slaghoople
Joan Collins
Chip Rockefeller
Thomas Gibson
The Great Gazoo / Mick Jagged
Alan Cumming
Col Slaghoople
Harvey Korman
Octopus masseuse at hotel
Rosie O'Donnell


Brian Levant

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May be edited for violence.
Available on video and DVD
Released 28 Jul 2000
Certificate PG