The Flintstones

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  • Brian Levant (1994)
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  • 86 min
The Flintstones
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2 out of 5

The casting is almost perfect, the re-creation of Bedrock is masterly and the special effects are clever without being overly intrusive. And yet this live-action version of the classic 1960s TV cartoon series seems somewhat lacklustre - in fact, one critic's advice for those thinking of seeing the film was, "Yabba dabba don't!". Between them, the scriptwriting trio and director Brian Levant manage to lose the boisterous fun that made the Hanna-Barbera original so endearing, and not even John Goodman's exuberant Fred or Elizabeth Taylor's sly mother-in-law can atone. The abundant comic slapstick will appeal to youngsters, but, a few Stone Age anachronisms apart, the film just isn't that funny.

Plot Summary

Comedy based on the cartoon series, starring John Goodman and Elizabeth Perkins, and featuring Elizabeth Taylor. Helped by his best friend and neighbour, Barney Rubble, Fred Flintstone wins a job promotion at the local quarry. But as other employees, including Barney, are sacked, Fred discovers that he has been tricked into an embezzlement scam.

Cast and crew


Fred Flintstone
John Goodman
Wilma Flintstone
Elizabeth Perkins
Barney Rubble
Rick Moranis
Betty Rubble
Rosie O'Donnell
Cliff Vandercave
Kyle MacLachlan
Miss Stone
Halle Berry
Pearl Slaghoople
Elizabeth Taylor
Mr Slate
Dann Florek
Richard Moll
Joe Rockhead
Irwin Keyes
Elaine Silver
Melanie Silver


Brian Levant

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U.I.P. (UK)
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U