Spare the Rod

Spare the Rod

Leslie Norman (1961)

A Certificate


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Although he didn't make many films, Max Bygraves is a surprisingly sympathetic screen presence in this docudramatic story about a benevolent teacher in a tough inner-city school. Of course, he's not in the same league as those old pros Donald Pleasence and Geoffrey Keen, who give completely credible performances as the wishy-washy headmaster and the staffroom tyrant respectively. A young Richard O'Sullivan is his trademark perky self as a cheeky pupil. Directed with care by Leslie Norman, the film's production values are too spartan to disguise the lack of a cutting edge to the tale.


Classroom drama about an inexperienced teacher in an East End school who tries to win the respect and confidence of his tough pupils. Starring Max Bygraves, Donald Pleasence, Geoffrey Keen and Richard O'Sullivan. Directed by Barry Norman's father Leslie.

Cast & Crew

John Saunders Max Bygraves
Mr Jenkins Donald Pleasence
Arthur Gregory Geoffrey Keen
Ann Collins Betty McDowall
Alec Murray Peter Reynolds
Mrs Pond Jean Anderson
Mrs Harkness Eleanor Summerfield
Miss Fogg Mary Merrall
Mr Bickerstaff Aubrey Woods
Mr Richards Rory MacDermot
Fred Harkness Richard O'Sullivan
Director Leslie Norman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Weyland Film Prods Ltd